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3 Personal Tips for Content Writing

There are a lot of articles that we can find online and it is a broad term that helps when you want your website to succeed. As suggested, when someones plan to take the course of being a content writer. He or she must be able to do a lot of research and at the same time must practice writing at least a short paragraph each day. Being able to practice gives you the confidence that you can tackle more demanding jobs in the future and at the same time apply it to add it to the skills you currently have.

 Why is there a term such as “Content is King”?

One example is an SEO who is very confident when it comes to creating websites for clients. He or she may have the technical knowledge on where to start in planning until execution. However, he or she also needs to have a big emphasis on how he can deliver it. As they say, Content is King, content goes hand in hand when it comes to SEO since this is the main aspect that a website ranks. My suggestion for beginners when looking at the world of content marketing is to have structure.

As an SEO, you might have a put process in place that you can actually use for content writing. One of the ideas I have was to start researching for high valued keywords answering the common questions of What, Why, When, Where and How. The thinking behind this is if we start writing in a very formal way. Our content would be like Wikipedia. Which I would say would be boring and will be bad for user experience.

For Example, Right now I’m thinking of starting a blog in particular that focuses on pet care. I do love pets and had been on this hobby for a long time. However, that passion changed to more of a dictionary type of hobby. What I would change now since I am writing this is to be able to write effectively, one should be able to enjoy what he or she is going to write for. Though this is hard, if you plan to do content writing as your bread and butter, it will be a good start to write something that you are really fond of.

Some Things to Put Emphasis To

  • Get to Know Your Audience
  • Check How Other Writers Start their Content
  • See other Website and Social Media
  • Aim to Grow Your Online and Digital Presence

Focus on one topic, research a lot, consider keywords but do not overdo it to the extent that you become tired thinking of it. Think about your audience. Don’t be afraid to get help from a colleague, friend or even your wife to read it once to check how it is.

As of the moment, I am looking for that perfect process to start writing my first content piece. There is this thinking inside me that I might get laughed at for writing very bad content. But if you’re going to think about it, no one or I won’t be able to improve my skills if I think of it that way. I have had this notion when I was comparing myself to another writer and was wondering how was he able to churn up content after content every week.

There was a thing that he was following – a simple structure, but if you’re going to think about it, you can have a structure but you do not need to follow it strictly. After just typing in my ideas for the last 30 minutes, I was able to produce these 700 words content that I can use for this article. Make it a goal to write an article per day, proofread it for a day then publish it on the 3rd. By doing this particular process every day, I would be able to produce 3 articles per week.

Do I Need A Writing Tool?

Grammarly I think would greatly help but I don’t think I need the paid one for now. My thinking is – Grammarly does help in finding spelling mistakes and grammatical error but if I opt for the paid version, then I would rely greatly on a software that may or may not be consistent on how I want my writing to be.

Focus on an article that you would love to write. Look for a High-Value Keyword on an SEO standpoint, research on it as much as you can, read the articles online then start writing. I would say it would take 2 to 3 hours per day of your time but you should never do it in a rush.

Content writing is not hard. Quality content can be produced through practice. Dedication, discipline and the urged to follow your goal to produce content that is a copy from another is possible.

I hope that this article provided you some insights on how to pursue your goal as a content writer. Don’t forget to like and share our website